Princeton Parallel Group News

Nov. 2018OpenPiton+Ariane is the new manycore platform for the PULP Ariane RISC-V core! Now available with OpenPiton release 10. (read the blog post)
Nov. 2018JuxtaPiton is accepted to FPGA 2019. OpenPiton release 9 includes the PicoRV32 RISC-V core (read the blog post)
Nov. 2018Our group has a paper accepted to HPCA '19.
Sep. 2018Tri Nguyen defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Nguyen!
Aug. 2018Our group has a paper accepted to CCS ASHES-18. [paper]
Jul. 2018Our group has two papers accepted to MICRO-51. Congratulations to Tri Nguyen and Adi Fuchs!
Jul. 2018Our team will be presenting OpenPiton at the Manycore Summer School 2018 at University of Glasgow.
May 2018Yanqi Zhou defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Zhou!
May 2018Check out the lightning talk for our ISCA '18 paper on YouTube.
Apr. 2018Katherine Lim have been selected as the salutatorian for the Class of 2018. (read the article)
Apr. 2018The camera ready version of our group's new paper is now available. It will be presented at the ISCA '18.
Mar. 2018OpenPiton tutorial held in conjunction with ASPLOS '18 (tutorial page).
Feb. 2018Piton's PCB design as well as power and energy characterization data is now publicly available.
Feb. 2018Check out the lightning talk for our HPCA '18 paper on YouTube.
Feb. 2018Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) highlighted our HotCloud '17 study. (PAW article)
Dec. 2017The camera ready version of our group's new paper is now available. It will be presented at the HPCA '18.
Oct. 2017Our recent HotCloud '17 work is highlighted on the Princeton homepage. (read the article)
Oct. 2017Ting-Jung Chang presented her work on architectural tradeoffs for building biodegradable processors at MICRO '17. [Paper]
Oct. 2017Mohammad Shahrad talks about his project in an interview with the Spark show on the Canadian Public Radio (CBC).
Sep. 2017Yaosheng Fu defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Fu!
Sep. 2017Mohammad Shahrad presented his work on increasing cloud utilization at SoCC '17. (Paper, Slides)
Sep. 2017OpenPiton release 6 (17-09-21-r6) is ready to download!
Sep. 2017Inside Science mentions Piton and OpenPiton in an article discussing strategies to improve data center energy efficiency.
Aug. 2017Mohammad Shahrad's HotCloud '17 paper has been mentioned in The Morning Paper as well as the Observer and has been picked for O'Reilly's daily Four Short Links.
Jul. 2017Mohammad Shahrad presented his recent work at USENIX HotCloud '17. (Access article)
Jun. 2017OpenPiton release 5 (17-06-11-r5) is ready to download!
May 2017We will have an OpenPiton tutorial at MICRO 2017.
May 2017An article on Piton project is published in IEEE MICRO. (Access article)
Apr. 2017Paul Jackson is awarded the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship.
Feb. 2017Yanqi Zhou presented her paper at HPCA '17.
Feb. 2017OpenPiton tutorial held in conjunction with HPCA '17 (tutorial page).
Oct. 2016Mohammad Shahrad presented a poster at Princeton's First Annual Research Computing Day.
Oct. 2016Jonathan Balkind presented OpenPiton at ORCONF 2016. (Watch the talk on YouTube.)
Oct. 2016Mohammad Shahrad presented his paper at SoCC '16.
Sep. 2016We will have an OpenPiton tutorial at HPCA 2017.
Sep. 2016Yanqi Zhou selected to attend 2016 Rising Stars.
Aug. 2016Jonathan Balkind and Mohammad Shahrad are selected as 2016 Princeton University Administrative Fellows (UAFs).
Aug. 2016Piton Processor is the top story of Science360.
Aug. 2016Piton Processor will be unveiled today at Hot Chips 2016 (HC28). Michael McKeown is going to present it. (Watch the talk on YouTube.)
Jun. 2016Jonathan Balkind delivered a talk on OpenPiton at University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
Jun. 2016Two of Yanqi Zhou's papers were presented in ISCA '16 (find her papers;  photos).
Jun. 2016OpenPiton tutorial held in conjunction with ISCA '16 (tutorial page;  tutorial gallery).
May 2016Two of our undergraduate fellows received departmental awards (find more).
May 2016Matthew Matl is awarded the James Hayes-Edgar Palmer Prize in engineering by Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Science (find more).
May 2016Jonathan Balkind gave a talk on OpenPiton at Princeton Research Day. The talk won the Fan Favorite Research Talk award.
Apr. 2016Prof. Wentzlaff delivered an invited talk in MaRS '16.
Apr. 2016Jonathan Balkind received the Graduate Student Appreciation Week Mentor Award by the Graduate School.
Apr. 2016Jonathan Balkind presented the OpenPiton paper at ASPLOS '16.
Apr. 2016The latest release of OpenPiton is now available to download!
Feb. 2016The website for OpenPiton ISCA '16 tutorial is up.
Feb. 2016Michael McKeown received the Yan Huo *94 Graduate Fellowship in Electrical Engineering.
Jan. 2016Piton chip is up and working!
Dec. 2015Yaosheng Fu and Tri M. Nguyen have presented their papers at MICRO '15.